About Surfboard Shapers Workshop

Richard Harvey, your One-on-One Surfboard Shapers Workshop Instructor, has lived through the heart of the evolution of surfing in Australia. He started learning about the ocean and its power as a boy on holidays at Sydney in the 50s and 60s.

In his early teens Richard joined a local surfriders club and began his competitive surfing career. He competed in events across the country and in 1973 went on to win the coveted Australian Open title. This led to surfing competitions in Hawaii like the Pipeline Masters and the Duke Kahanamoku Hawaiian Surfing Classic.

The Surfboard Shapers Workshop has now been running since 2007 and in that time he has not only taught many “the art of surfboard shaping” but shares the handcrafted skills and knowledge of how surfboard designs work in all sorts of waves.

Richard’s shaping experience since 1968 offers an extensive knowledge of all surfboard designs. Surfing waves of all sizes around the world has added to Richard’s practical understanding of surfing and it’s equipment. Personal attention to handcrafting custom surfboards since 1968, his meticulous attention to quality construction is well known.

Shaping thousands of boards for surfers of all abilities and his own personal competition success at the highest levels all contributes to what you will gain from The Surfboard Shapers Workshop.

“I am passionate about my craft and want to inspire you to shape functional, beautiful surf craft that have the potential to change your life and open the way to enjoy the rewards of creating great surfboards. My goal is the create tomorrow’s craftsman today.”