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by shaping your own Surfboard.

Welcome to Harvey's Surfboard Shapers Workshops

The Surfboard Shapers Workshop has now been running for over 10 years. In that time I have taught over 500 people “The Art of Shaping Surfboards”. My aim is to teach not only the skills of hand-shaping surfboard but to pass on the knowledge of how surfboard designs work in all sorts of waves.

The art of shaping is beyond using the tools, its about building custom surfboards that are ideally suited to the rider. Considerations such as ability, surf conditions, regularity and of course fitness levels are all essential parts of getting the right board.

In The Surfboard Shapers Workshop and using traditional shaping methods you will be able to design and shape a surfboard ideally suited to your ability, weight, the type of waves you want to ride and the style of board you like. Not only will you come away with a surfboard that you have designed and shaped, but you will gain a greater understanding of how surfboards work, and in doing so, have the knowledge to improve your surfing technique.

Apart from learning the surfboard shapers art and building your own board you will learn to see the curves of a surfboard in a new light. You will understand how the different curves effect the way a board performs which will be useful when wanting to know what board to ride.

There are two shaping workshops available. In fact learning any aspect of surfboard manufacturing, such as glassing fin making, airbrushing or making tail blocks can be arranged.

Guided personally by Richard Harvey, a surfer / shaper / manufacturer with experience from 1967, you can handcraft any style of surfboard, learn how to glass, or make fins in a One on One Workshop.

The Surfboard Shapers Workshops are held in my studio at Unit 3 / 10 Pacific Ave, Miami, Gold Coast and is where you can create your own board and learn all aspects of building surfboards.

“Shaping your own board, then riding it, is one of the best surfing experiences you can have.” Richard Harvey

So What makes a good Surfboard?

There a over 65 major components to a surfboard and changing one component can alter the way the surfboard performs.


Selecting the correct blank is critical. Learn about length width and thickness, area, foam weight, stringers and foil.


Design and create a planshape using templates. Understand how to select the right curves of your surfboard.


Shortboards have a six stage rocker, longboards a 3 stage rocker. Learn how all the dynamics work.


Release, softness and buoyancy of the rails combine with the character of the planshape and dynamics of the bottom.


Small details are magnified under pressure, see the difference between a soft curve and a dynamic curve.


Labour is the highest cost, craftsmanship is the highest value. Finishing your surfboard ready for glassing with fin positioning.