The Surfboard Shapers Workshops

The Comprehensive Surfboard Shapers 5 Module Workshop

The Alaia Surfboard Shaping Workshop

5 Module Workshop

A series of one on one courses to teach the design and shaping techniques to shape your own surfboard directly from a blank.
5 Modules of 2 hours each covers the Shaping Bay, Design, Rough shaping, Fine tuning and Finish shaping.
Select your design and then you are guided through the complete process from blank selection to a shaped board ready for artwork and glassing.
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The Alaia Surfboard Shaping Workshop

The Alaia workshop is a 6 hour, one on one course where you will shape and finish your own Alaia ready to surf.

Who is the Shaper / Teacher?

Richard Harvey

Richard’s shaping experience of over 45 years offers:
A wide variety of surfboard designs.
Years of accumulated knowledge and experience of surfboard design.
Extensive experience from surfing waves of all sizes around the world.
Personal attention to handcrafting custom surfboards since 1968.
Meticulous attention to quality construction.
Shaping thousands of boards for surfers of all abilities.
Competition success at the highest levels.
Handcrafted in Australia.
Creative original artwork to individualize your board.
His busy agenda of painting, photography, writing and surfboard shaping keeps him enthused and he has a small studio/gallery on the Gold Coast where he showcases his latest creations and which enables him to continue to live the dream.
Richard can be contacted at his gallery at Unit 3 10 Pacific Ave Miami
Phone on 0414 557624.

Workshop Pricing

Price varies depending on your blank choice but includes your finished shaped
blank ready for glassing, and all necessary protective shaping gear and design notes.
All surfboard designs long and short catered for.

The 5 Module Surfboard Shapers Workshop is $850 plus the cost of the blank.

The Alaia Shapers Workshop is $600, which includes the Paulownia blank.

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