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About Us

The Surfboard Shapers Workshop has now been running for over four years.
It’s aim is to teach not only the art of surfboard shaping but to share the handcrafted skills and knowledge of how surfboard designs work in all sorts of waves.

Our Mission

The art of shaping is beyond using the tools, its about building custom surfboards that are ideally suited to the rider. Considerations such as ability, surf conditions, regularity and of course fitness levels are all essential parts of getting the right board.

As a student of the Surfboard Shapers Workshop, you will be both the customer and the shaper.
Going through the custom order you will discover how to get the right dimensions and style to suit the waves you want to to build a board for.

Your surfboard will be shaped in a methodically way with a proven formula, any small mistakes that may occur through the process can easily be corrected, so with your board, although shaped entirely by yourself, will be of a high quality and you will be extremely pleased with the result.

Apart from learning the surfboard shapers art and building your own board you will be learn to see the curves of a surfboard in a new light. You will understand how the different curves effect the way a board performs which will be benefitial when wanting to know what board to ride.

Shaping your own board and then surfing it is one of the best experiences you can have.

Our Attitude

We are passionate about our craft and want to inspire you to shape functional, beautiful surf craft that have the potential to change your life and open the way to enjoy the rewards of creating great surfboards.